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                                                           How can this Guild Help you Get started? 


For the new tax lien investor, it is very important to do your due diligence with this guild. This booklet helps you get a general outlook on the key information you need to get started on the tax lien process. Key elements about the state will help you on your journey to be a successful tax lien investor.


                                                                                     Where to start?

When starting your research determine if your state offers tax liens or tax deeds or do they offer both. With  this  directory you will discover the key elements needed to get started with the tax lien process. This Booklet has everything you need to get yourself acclimated with your state of interest and County. We highlight government information pertaining to tax liens and tax deed sales.


Tax lien Directory (All States)

$37.99 Regular Price
$27.99Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • 60 page directory of all U.S. states that sale tax lien and/or  Deed. Get the Need to Know to Get started, Today!

    • List of Counties
    • List of County Resourse
    • Links to State Laws
    • Links to Countie Tax and Precurmetns offices 
    • Key Information, to get you started with your state of Intrest 
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