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"Successful Tax Lien/ Deed investor"!

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Course Two Objective

The course objective is to help the learner become well-rounded in the subject of tax lien investment. Giving key concepts that will help the investor enhance their ability to safely and proactively invest in tax liens. The course aims to ensure that individual investors understand and highlight key risk factors in investing in the tax lien process. Also helps to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the general tax lien process.

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“Knowing what to avoid will guarantee you higher success in the tax lien investment industry”

The Full Course 

In the full course, the learner will start with getting to know how to navigate the course. Highlights will be reviewed showing course one and course two. Topics within this course will be discussed and the learner will learn how to navigate the tax lien process. Key topics such as how to conduct a basic Google search, and thinking of head to be prepared for the tax lien sale. Along with PDFs and PowerPoint presentations are included. The course goes on to give key research information pertaining to Property Search, such as Parcel review, GIS map review, Title search, Deed search, and many other bonus areas.


Bonus areas include searching for wills and estate information. Searching for homeowners court legal information, related to other liens on the potential investment.


Completing the course will enhance your capability to be a successful tax lien investor!

Using Mobile Phones

Full Course Highlights

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In Less than 24, You can learn how to Invest in Tax lien/ Deeds Successfully!

Section 1.

  • Basic Google Search| Property Information

  • What types of tax liens Investments can I make?

  • Brain Storming the “How behind Tax lien & Deed Investment” 

Section 2.

  • Mindset and Due diligence is the Key to Success (5 steps) “Think Ahead!”

  • The Process of getting started, preparing to be a Tax lien Investor.

  •  What is the risk associated with investing in Tax liens/ Deeds?

  • The Auction Process Vs OTC sale.

  • How to Find the Rules for the Tax lien auction?

  • Review the key parties to contact to locate the list in your state of choice. 

  •  The Basics to understand Deeds Review.

  • Finding and understanding key information. Such as parcel review, mapping & locating your investment, and introduction to understanding GIS mapping. ​

And This is some of the information  that is in Sections

1 and 2 of the full course!

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