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         This course is set up to teach and highlight the key research tools needed to buy Tax liens and Tax deeds. In the course, you will find step-by-step videos, power points, and articles,  that will help guild you to become an effective investor and potential property owner.  A Tax lien certificate is a certificate of claim against a property that has a lien placed upon it as a result of unpaid property taxes. Tax lien certificates are generally sold to investors through an auction process.

         The Best Part of Investing in Tax Liens is you don't need a lot of money to invest in TLCs or deeds. When you buy a tax lien, you are basically paying the taxes to the County, in exchange for a  Tax Lien on the Property. The certificate is good for the amount you paid plus interest and Penalties.

Learn more today by signing up to get the Keys you need to be a wise TLC and DEED  Investor!

Welcome to a new way to invest and obtain real property, without a "HOME LOAN'.




1. To start the Tax lien investor have the potential to gain up to 16-20 % in interest and penalties.
2. The property owner is late on taxes.
3. The city or county places a lien on the property.
4. The lien is sold at an auction or over-the-counter sale.
5. The owner then has 6mnt to 2 yrs to pay the lien and penalties.  
6. When the property owner's grace period to pay the fees and taxes is up. The municipality will allow the tax lien holder to gain the property.

Now that you understand how the general process works. Let us get started with the program

Introduction Course |

What is a Property Tax lien and how do I buy one?

The first section of a Course goes over the difference between the investment approach. We will review investing and looking for land lots, plots of land, and homes. Highlighted information for investors who would like to invest just for interest! And Focus content for tax lien and deed investors who seek to close on the Investment.

  • Types of Tax liens and deeds Investments? 

  • What Types of properties can I Invest In?

  • What to Expect?

  • What is the difference between Land, Lots, and Real property?

  • Avoiding “Land Locks”

  • Invest for the interest or to own the property?

  • What is my investment style?

  • How secure are tax lien investments?

  • Pros and cons slash TLC indeed.

  • What are your investment goals?

  • Red light concepts to remember| The do's and don'ts

  • Tax Lien, Deeds & the Auctions And More.....

Mark Edward Moran

"The information is easy to Fallow. Also has a lot of Learning Tools".

Cynthia Conover

" I never knew that there was another way to get into the realesate market. The program help me understand how to get started. and move at my own pace".

Dale Cotterell

"This was a very comprehensive Course. I learned alot and I feel I can invest safely, as a new investor".

Doris Key

As a Tax lien investor for years, I have learn how to do my own soft title search, in the Full Course. Ensuring that I due my due deligince , Thoroughly.Making my investing less risky!
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