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  • International Info

    International Student Information session
    Valid for one month
    • Review Information session for international Students 1hr
  • PrimeTime Membership

    Every year
    Join the Buy Back Team Membership and Exclusive Perks !
    • Primary access to Bonus Video content
    • Tax Lien & Deed State-to-State Breakdown with PDFs
    • Exclusive Seminars Related to Tax lien and Deed investment
    • Exclusive information on Debt Elimination
    • Exclusive informational Content in the Field of Real estate
    • Members Blog access
    • Member only Referrals
  • Tax lien Basics Course

    Introduction Course to Tax Lien & Deeds Investments
    • Prime Time Home Buyers Starter Course
    • What is a Tax Lien? & How can I Buy one?
    • Invest for the Interest or to Own ?
    • Tax Lien / Deed, and the Auctions
    • Bonus Content (Comprehensive Info)
    • Getting started with" The Process"
    • Basic Google property Search
    • Course Wrap up Review
    • Full Membership Access (One yr)
    • Study Hall & Referrals
    • Free 15 Minute Consultation
  • Tax Lien Full Course

    Prime Time Home Buyers Course: Keys to being a Wise Investor
    • The Basics: Navigate the website, google area search
    • Think Ahead : Tax lien investors "Check off list"
    • Keys to research about the property
    • Types of Bidding Processes
    • Parcel & GIS Review
    • All You need to know About " Property Title Search"
    • Locate & Review the Deed
    • Bonus: Wills, Estate, and owners Court Case
    • Understanding the Redemption Process
    • Tax lien and Deed State by State Seminars (GA)
    • How to invest in OTC Tax liens and Deeds (Seminar)
    • Buy Back Team Membership (FREE)
    • Study Hall Access ( FREE)
    • Two Free 30 min Consultations
    • One Free Wealth Building Consultation
  • OTC-TAXLIEN seminar

    Learn How to Invest in Over the Counter Tax Lien & Deeds
    • Auction vs OTC ( Intro) OTC Seminar
    • What is Tax lien investment vs Over the counter Tax lien Inv
    • Over the Counter Tax lien Sale ~ live Talk through Seminar
    • Review "Baltimore & Maryland "Over the Counter Tax Sale
  • Georgia Tax lien

    How to invest in GA Tax Lien ( Seminar)
    • Prime time goes to Clayton county Tax lien sale Live intervi
    • Clayton county live interview part 2
    • Hints and tips to investing in GA tax lien sale
    • Looking for Tax lien in Ga
    • Ga summer investment
    • Learn how to invest in GA tax lines
    • Review a Ga tax lien list
    • Locating the tax lien auction application process
    • Henry County GA property review
    • Buy Back Team Membership (FREE)
    • Study Hall Access ( FREE)
    • Buy Back Team Membership (FREE)
  • GIS & Land Survey

    • GIS , Parcel Powerpoint Review | Introduction
    • Parcel and Mapping Cross Referencing
    • How to use a GIS MAP | Introduction
    • GIS, Parcel intro Review "Live Online Demo"
    • How use NaCo as a County Reviewer
    • What are Easements?
    • Landline Issues | How to handle them!
    • Understanding Zoning Laws | Tax lien/ Deed Investors
    • Challenging Zoning
    • Property Lines & Land Survey Comprehensive Review
  • Foreclosure Seminars

    Tax lien Investors approach to Foreclosing on the Deal
    • Foreclosure Steps and Time Line (Home Owner Position)
    • Introduction to the Foreclosure Process
    • The Foreclosure Process for TLC & Deed Investors
    • Judicial vs non-Judicial Foreclosure Process
    • The ABSs of the Foreclosure Process
    • Foreclosure| Keys to Owner Occupied Homes
    • Bonus | Foreclosure process | Maryland Review
    • Bonus| How to handle Land dispute Issues
    • Bonus| Locating Will & Estate Information
    • Bonus| What to Expect when someone files Bankruptcy ?
    • Bonus | Understanding Federal Lien
    • Buy Back Team Membership (FREE)
    • Study Hall Access ( FREE)
  • Pre-Title Search

    Find Title & Deed info on your possible Tax Lien Investment
    • Key concepts of Title search you should Know!
    • Looking for clouds| Locate a lien on a home
    • Determining the chain of title _ Title Search
    • Quiet Title Actions a comprehensive breakdown
    • Bonus | Looking for a title Company?
    • Bonus| Understanding Federal Tax lien
    • Buy Back Team Membership (FREE)
    • Study Hall Access ( FREE)
  • Trust Seminars

    Prefect for New investor. Who is interest in Assets Protect
    • Into seminar| Power of a Trust I
    • Trust | Keys Elements to Know!
    • Living Trust| What is a Living Trust?
    • Advantage & Disadvantage of Trust
    • What is the Role of a Trustee?
    • The Power of Trust P1
    • Funding and UnFunding the Trust
    • Concepts to Know about Business trust
    • The Power of Trust| Is Trust Tax Exempt ?
    • Trust & US Tax Basics Part A
    • Trust & US Tax Basics Part B
    • Practical Steps in setting up a living Trust
  • Deed Seminar

    Learn How apply the deed Investment method , across USA
    • Intro to Investing in Tax Deeds
    • The Deed Sale _ Need to Knows
    • Preparing for the Deed Sale & Purchase
    • Deeds Keys to the Trade
    • County Process of Acquiring the Deed
    • Finding a copy of your Property Deed
    • Issues with Deeds to Know!
    • What is a Quit Claim Deed?
    • What is a Warranty Deed ?
    • What is a Release of Liens?
    • Importance of Land Survey Review
    • Review Of Deed Document & Notification post Deed Purchase
    • Buy Back Team Membership (FREE)
    • Study Hall Access ( FREE)
  • Understanding Law ~Real Estate Investors

    Concepts to understand the structure of law and how it apply to real estate
    • Real Estate Law | Introduction for Beginners
    • What are some Laws that apply to Real Estate ?
    • What are some Laws that apply to Real estate Investors ?
    • Introduction to legal research ~levels of Law
    • Key principles of Legal Research for Real Estate Investors
    • Legal research analysis and applying legal Principles
    • Bonus | Missouri Tax Sale~ Review county information/ Rules
    • Bonus | Foreclosure review ~Massachusett general Law review
  • Pricing & Selling Real Estate Properties

    Learn all you need to know to begin your real estate selling journey.
    • Should I sell in this market ~ How to Analyzing the Housing
    • How and where to sell property _ Options for home and Land
    • How to determine land value and factors affects pricing
    • Keys to selling your property _ The Assessment Process
    • Real Estate Property Assessment Appeal Process
    • Bonus ~ RESPA What you need to know?
    • Negotiating Contracts ~ What you should know for seller and
    • Bonus ~Law Seminar _ Intro to understanding contract law
    • Elements of an Real Estate Proposal for Investors
    • Bonus~ How to Spot Fraud in Contracts
    • Bonus ~ Property Lines & Land Survey Comprehensive Review _
    • All You Should Know about Selling for Real Estate Investors
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